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Ink bottle Holder

Ink bottle Holder

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Introducing our Versatile Ink Jar Holder – Your Solution for Effortless Calligraphy

For the calligrapher who prefers the simplicity of working directly from larger ink jars, our innovative holder offers a practical angle. Now, there's no need to transfer ink into smaller containers. Just place your favorite ink jar in our holder at an angle.

Designed with creative flexibility in mind, our Ink Jar Holder accommodates a variety of ink types, including Parker, Speedball, Higgins, Kuretake, Cretacolor, Ecoline, Ziller and any round-bottom jars and more. It simplifies your workspace, providing a convenient and adaptable solution for your calligraphy needs.

Elevate your calligraphy experience with this versatile tool. Streamline your workflow and focus on your craft without the hassle of transferring ink. Our Ink Jar Holder is your trusted companion, enhancing your creative journey with ease.
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