We are an alliance of a designer and a technologist.

My name is Kate. I love design and beautiful things. My strength is observation. Sitting in some public place, I notice something that others do not notice. I can talk to a person, but at the same time my peripheral vision catches what is happening around. You thought why am I telling you this, it's very simple, this skill helps me to see the needs of our calligraphers.

My name is Sergey. I love technology, equipment, and I'm also very curious and persistent. I would say I am very persistent, and this is what allows us to find the right solutions in production. For example, when developing the Charm inkwell, I needed to find an adhesive that could glue a smooth metal ball and wood. I got acquainted with the consultants of all existing adhesives manufacturing, tested several dozen until I found the glue that met our requirements. Oh, it was fun, I think after a few days of searching, some consultants no longer wanted to answer my calls. We printed our first inkwell when I became interested in 3D printing, and we bought the first 3D printer.