Cap for nib

Cap for the nib is to protect your nib from damage and dust.
In the process of creating caps, we have divided the NIBs into three groups.
To select the cap number you need, find out in the description below which group your nib belongs to.

CAP №1:
Hunt 99 / Hunt 103 / Hunt 100
Hunt 1068 / Hunt 22 / Hunt 99
Hunt School 56 / Hunt 101
Gillot 170 / Gillot 290 / Gillot 303
Gillot 291 / Leonardt General
Leonardt 33 / Italic 0286
Leonardt 41 Crown / Leonardt EF
Leonardt 6H / Leonardt 30
Blanzy 2552 / Brause 46 Cito /Plume Grenade 546/Brause EF66
and similar in size

CAP №2:
Leonardt IIIEF England
Leonardt 256 England / Nikko G
Zebra G (titanium) / Brause 76
Tachikawa G / Leonardt 30 / Blanzy 2552
Brause 46 Cito and similar in size

CAP №3:
Leonardt 40 Blue Pumpkin / Hunt Globe 513 EF
and similar in size

If your nib is not in the list, please write to us, we will select a cap for your nib.
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