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Rotating Inkwell Carousel

Rotating Inkwell Carousel

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Introducing our Innovative Rotating Inkwell – Your Palette for Multicolored Calligraphy

Crafted for calligraphers who relish artistic variety, our unique rotating inkwell provides a convenient solution for those who love to write in an array of colors. With space for eight ink jars, our inkwell simplifies color selection with just a simple turn.

Designed with the creative calligraphy community in mind, our Rotating Inkwell is not just an ink pot; it's a versatile palette. It offers easy access to your preferred ink hues, ensuring that your creative flow remains uninterrupted as you work on your masterpiece.

With eight color options at your fingertips, you can bring your artistic visions to life with ease. Embrace the freedom to explore a world of hues and elevate your calligraphy with our Rotating Inkwell.

Contents: Inkwell, Jars: 8 pcs-2.5 ml, 1 pcs-15 ml, Pipette, Cotton box
LxWxH: 88x88x38 mm
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