Ink bottle holder

Ink Bottle Holder is designed to hold a jar of ink at an angle. The perfect accessory for calligraphy is useful for you if you are not pouring ink into special jars, but dipping the nib into a standard jar of ink. Location of the jar at an angle during the practice makes the process comfortable for you, as there is no longer need to constantly turn the jar to take ink.

Ink bottle holder is designed for ink jars of brands such as Parker, Speedball, Higgins, Kuretake, Cretacolor, Ecoline, Ziller and any round-bottom jars. If you don't see your jar of ink in the list, please write to us. We will check if the holder is suitable for your jar.

Contents: Inkwell bottle holder, Paper box, Cotton bag

lwh: 90x62x35 mm

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