Inkwell Double Original

Inkwell for calligraphy by pointed pen, or brush, ruling pens or broad edged pens. The inkwell is convenient if you use two types of ink in large quantities, also one jar can be used to wash the nib with water. It holds two jars (½ oz, 15 ml) at an angle, which makes writing easier for the calligrapher. It is no longer necessary to constantly turn
the jar over to take ink on the nib. An extensive palette of colours allows you to choose an inkwell for your lifestyle.

Easy to clean with water! The surface of the inkwell does not absorb ink. If the inkwell gets dirty with ink, rinse it with warm water and wipe it off with a dry towel.

Materials: epoxy resin, sand / amber / gold flakes

Contents: Inkwell, Paper box, Cotton bag, Two 15 ml jar, Stickers for jar

lwh: 85x50x24 mm

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